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Removing Limited Titles

When title to land is ‘Limited’, it means that the areas, dimensions and sometimes ownership is not guaranteed by the Crown until a survey is undertaken that defines the boundaries and dimensions and the ‘Limitation’ is removed. There are titles that are ‘Limited as to Parcels’ and titles that are ‘Limited as to Title’. And some are ‘Limited to parcels and Title’. These are real old. Getting the ‘Limitations’ removed takes more than a normal survey, because the age of existing boundary fences, physical occupation and a whole lot of other bits need to be taken into account.

This type of title definition can be undertaken as a survey on its own, or as part of a subdivision, in which case the new titles will not issue unless the ‘Limitations’ are removed*. This type of survey is not to be undertaken by novices. That is why we have done dozens and dozens of them over the last 50 – 60 years.

* Sometimes in rural situations we can get dispensations to not define the whole property – call us now to find out how.