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Meet The Crew

There’s a saying, “you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep”. We think it’s the other way around. The people we keep are what make Survus, Survus. So we’d like to introduce them to you. Oh, and if you think you’d like to join the crew, send us a message.

The business was originally established in 1957 by the late Kenneth H Frizzell who ran it it as K H Frizzell, Reg’d Surveyor until his passing in 1992. His son Hamish Frizzell then took over the business changing the name to Frizzell and Associates, and in 2005 rebranded to Survus Consultants to better reflect the corporate structure and varied professional disciplines that were within the business by that time.

There are now two more members of the third generation of Frizzells working in the business. Staff numbers have grown from 5 in 1992 to 18 currently.