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Residential Properties

Is the family property getting a bit big for the two of you? Do you spend all weekend in the garden and mowing the lawns, to the detriment of your golfing handicap?

Or, are you at war with your neighbours over that unfenced boundary? Are those wretched trees theirs or yours?

Would you like to use the neighbour’s driveway legally so you can park your boat around the back of the house, just the Joneses can see it?

These are the things that we can help you with. We may need to weave our way through a few Council rules but our bunch of clever chaps will guarantee if something is possible, we will find a way

Our services for residential home owners include but are not limited to

Feasibility Studies

Infill Subdivisions

Boundary Definitions

Easement Plans (ROW and services)

Cross Lease Titles

Site Surveys and Topo Plans

Building Setouts

Building Location Certificate (BLC)

Golf training (only for our own staff)