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What We Do

Have a look through our services. They’ll either help you or mean nothing to you. It doesn’t matter if you know exactly what you want or have absolutely no idea, just call us and we’ll make sure you get what you need and none of the services you don’t. We have a strict ‘there’s no such thing as a bad questions’ policy.

Never subdivided before? We make it easy for you, take advantage of our free onsite consultation to discuss the process and options. Did we mention, you will also receive a proposal which outlines everything you’ll need to know?

Fee simple subdivisions
Unit Title Plans
Cross Lease Titles
Change of Tenure Subdivisions
EPH Developments

We deal with architects throughout the country. There is nothing like a solid working relationship with any architect. We have a lot of these with local companies who refer us to their clients.

Site Levels
Topographical Surveys
Pre-demolition surveys
Building location fixes
Finished Floor Level (FFL) Certificates
Building Location Certificates (BLC)
Building or Grid Set Out
Boundary Pegging
Roading and Car Park Design

Builders love service, that’s why Survus love builders. Contact us for all building requirements you have. Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Finished Floor Level (FFL) Certificates
Building Location Certificates (BLC)
Building or Grid Set Out
Boundary Pegging

At Survus we gather and interpret data which informs the way land development projects are planned. Our team’s expertise means delivering fast and accurate outcomes for you.

Roading and Car Park Design

Is the family property getting a bit big for the two of you? Do you spend all weekend in the garden and mowing the lawns, to the detriment of your golfing handicap?

Or, are you at war with your neighbours over that unfenced boundary? Are those wretched trees theirs or yours?

Would you like to use the neighbour’s driveway legally so you can park your boat around the back of the house, just the Joneses can see it?

These are the things that we can help you with. We may need to weave our way through a few Council rules but our bunch of clever chaps will guarantee if something is possible, we will find a way

Our services for residential homeowners include but are not limited to

Boundary Definitions
Building Setouts
Building Location Certificate (BLC)
Cross Lease Titles
Easement Plans (ROW and services)
Site Surveys and Topo Plans

Look at our trucks, that’s proper rural dirt in those wheel arches, it’s because we are happy in the country. Town or country we look at your objectives and find the best solution, which often means some out of the square thinking. Rural is what we do best, that is why we are the best townies for rural surveying.

Our services for farmers and lifestyle block owners include but are not limited to:

AMF and Riparian River Claims
Limited Title Definitions
Row and Power Easements
Rural Subdivisions

We like to think that we are an investor’s best friend. If you are looking at a multi-lot subdivision, we can provide you with a one-stop shop for all the necessary land development advice you require.

Our long-established relationships with all the right people make choosing Survus an excellent decision when it comes to your next development.

Our services for Developers include but are not limited to:


EPH Developments

We have a few extra hidden talents you may need so check these out here.

Easement Plans
AMF Claims
Removing Limited Titles

Free Site Visit

A site visit is all about first impressions. That’s a free first impression for both of us. We’ll come to your subdivision site so you get to see what we are like, and we get an idea of your subdivision project and what it involves. We find it makes everything much smoother for everyone.

Click below to get your free first impression!