Building Location Certificates (BLC) 2017-11-05T06:45:41+00:00

Building Location Certificates (BLC)

This document confirms that the building is in the right place, at the right height, and lets the council breathe a bit easier. Generally it will be a condition of Building Consent (make sure you read the fine print) and it is suggested you get one of these before you pour the concrete, not after. Concrete cutters are good, but it is difficult to cut more than about 4 inches in thickness.

We will require a copy of your approved Building Consent Plans sent through to us prior to us coming out on site, as we pre-calculate all this stuff in the office before turning up on site. It is much easier to do this at a desk than on the bonnet of the ute. And remember once we have been on site we still need to do more calcs in the office and prepare a diagram and certificate, so they are not exactly like instant pudding. If you have concrete booked for Friday – book us in the week before. At least.